I am the business development person here at re:group. Recently my friend, Bryan, came by and asked about by social life. You see my husband died several years ago and some people seem compelled to ask if I am dating.

Well, being a marketing professional, I take a strategic approach to these things, so I explained, “In the past I was sort of co-branded with my spouse, so right now I am the process of a brand refresh. It started with Discovery, you know, review of assets, competitive audit, and key stakeholder interviews with my closest confidants.”

He had an odd look on his face as I added, “Then I moved on to build the brand platform. I was surprised at key appeals that were uncovered! Now in the design phase, I am working on a new ‘look and feel’, new hair, lose a few pounds, get fit and make a few tweaks, as they say in the business.”

Bryan smiled. “Oh I get it!”  Jan chimed in, “You should go on line!” Things were getting out of hand so I continued, “The plan is to role out the new brand this summer. But it will be a soft launch, the media plan calls for SEO, natural search, none of this SEM/PPC for me. But I do think social technology will play a big role, LinkedIn, Plaxo, Facebook will be huge networking opportunities. Twitter is a must. My Space, nope.”

I look forward to sharing the ROI in the near future, good, bad or behind schedule.